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Why you should invest in a property manager

With the market offering affordable apartments and homes this spring, investors are out in full force, snapping up properties and bagging bargains.

Whether you’re a serial investor or just own one on the side, it’s best to consider a property manager to look after your property. In fact, recent stats show that 25% of investors try to manage the leasing of their property on their own - a major rookie error.

The most obvious benefit of using a PM is they can advertise for tenants, but more importantly, they can screen who is a good tenant and who may not pay the weekly rent. Leasing hundreds of homes a year, most property managers have a good nous for who’s going to look after your asset.

Additionally, they can do all the heavy lifting when it comes to organising maintenance and handling paperwork on your behalf. After all, who wants to spend hours each month paying the water bills, council rates, body corporate rates and calling tradies to fix a leaky tap?

Finally, property managers are the experts when it comes to legislation. If a tenant has overstepped the mark or hasn’t paid rent, they’ll be the first ones to have your back and provide counsel on next steps. So get in touch with your local agency to find out how a property manager can benefit you.

Market Wrap