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Tips to cleanse your home in 2018

Want to get an early jump on spring cleaning this year? These tips will help you to cleanse your home and keep it that way all year long.

1. Clear the Air

Open every single window and door while undertaking any kind of major cleaning operation. Some rooms don’t get constant access to fresh air, so this gives the whole house a chance to breathe. Once you’re done for the day, light a candle or two in celebration of your progress.

2. Take Stock

The first step to a clutter-free home is to know what you have in the first place. Attack that overhead shelf full of junk, you’ll be surprised at how many long-lost gifts and useless miscellany you’ve squirrelled away. Sort it all into four piles: Recycle, Bin, Keep and Give. Which brings us to the next point...

3. Give and Let Live

Sometimes a simple shift in perspective can turn a chore into a feel-good mission. Ask yourself: is there someone in your circle who might love to give that old vase a new home? Doctors’ waiting rooms are always grateful for donations of magazines. The local op shop is your new best friend.

4. It’s All in the Details

As germaphobes across the globe will attest – it’s not clean until it’s ALL clean. Door handles, skirting boards and light switches are often subject to domestic blindness, so try to approach your space with fresh eyes. A quick wipe down will remove the smudges of everyday use and prevent the spread of bacteria.

5. Play it Safe

While improving your home's look and feel, take the annual clean-out as a timely reminder to update old power boards, check smoke alarms, fire blankets and extinguishers, and review safety procedures with every member of the household – particularly if you live in an area recognised as a natural disaster zone. These conversations can save properties, and sometimes, lives.