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Style your space for a ‘holiday at home’

Bring the holiday vibes into your own home with these ideas. Sometimes you just need to escape, but a lavish holiday may be out of reach. Why not try sprucing up your home to make it feel like a holiday right on your doorstep (literally or otherwise).

A leisurely hammock to lounge in

Nothing says holiday more than a luxurious hammock to lounge around in. Whether it’s for naps or to read a book, the gently lolling back and forth is reminiscent to a rocking cradle. There are a couple of options, for those who don’t have somewhere ample to hang a hammock, there are free-standing options available too.

Create atmosphere

A big part of having a holiday vibe is making sure there is plenty of ambience – think lighting and music. Line your space with candles (keeping aware of any potential fire hazards with pets and children), as the day falls into night, the candles add to the mood. As an alternative, why not string up some fairy lights? Music is also key for ensuring a chilled out vibe, worst case you can use your phone to play some tunes.

Something to eat and drink

What holiday feeling is complete without delicious food and drinks. Spoil yourself and put out a tray of cheese, fruits and canapes, accompanied by champagne or juice. You’ll be relaxing like you’re on a deserted beach in no time!