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South Yarra Top 5 Cafes

(header image - Stables of Como)

South Yarra has a long history as one of Melbourne’s oldest and most affluent suburbs, consistently attracting well-heeled young professionals and savvy hipsters alike. With its cross-section of Toorak Road and Chapel Street, both lined with exclusive boutiques, buzzy restaurants and premium real estate, South Yarra is a breeding ground for viral trends and socialising. And when it comes to caf
é culture, South Yarra simply can’t be beat. Top Melbourne baristas seek its diverse and unique spots to brew their hearts out for their adoring clientele who have come to expect only the best of the best.

We asked our hockingstuart South Yarra local experts to share their favourite spots:

  1. Stables of Como: Elegant, idyllic and a long cry from its previous existence as humble horse stables, the converted Stables of Como is a charming garden oasis of a venue where guests can indulge in High Tea with free-flowing mimosas and a tower of light sandwiches and petit fours. “Guy Tea” is also offered for those who would prefer gourmet burgers with endless Peroni Red Label to wash it back. Delectable picnic and café menus are provided for those looking for more of a casual, a la carte experience whilst they take in the luxurious and tranquil setting, sheltered from the city cacophony.

  2. Café Gaia: Classic in every sense of the word and a favourite amongst South Yarra locals, Café Gaia is tried and true. It is known for its unparalleled service, coffee artistry and creative eats that offer something for everyone. Cafe Gaia is unpretentious with no frills, but is serious about providing the guests what they need so they return time and again. Sitting outside their al fresco tables is often a great opportunity for locals to chat over coffee or run into neighbours out walking their pets. 

  3. Ned’s Bake: If bread was a religion then Ned’s Bake would be its house of worship. Originally from Belgrade, owner and founder Ned has brought his passion, reverence and craft of bread making to Toorak Road, much to the delight of many resident locals who had long sworn by their gluten-free credo but have since converted back because of Ned’s top-notch bread-making. On any given day, Ned’s Bake is always bustling with happy diners who enjoy its rotating European-style menu of fresh baked breads, sandwiches, pasta, pastries and salads.

  4. Tom Dick and Harry: Brightly lit and energetic, Tom Dick and Harry is a beloved go-to spot for takeaway coffee, fresh and colourful salad bar offering and made-to-order dishes served with a side of chips for those looking for something heartier. Overall the menu at Tom Dick and Harry has wellness as its focus using seasonal produce and ingredients, providing lunch options that not only taste great but aim to make you feel great too.

  5. House of Lulu White: Designed with the ‘gram in mind, House of Lulu White is an influencer’s dream. Walking through the door you are instantly greeted with LA-style tropical vibes and a serotonin-inducing millennial pink wall with neon signage that serves as a perfect Instagram-worthy backdrop. Popular for its colourful dishes and boozy bottomless brunch, House of Lulu White is an ideal spot for a picture-perfect bite or toasting to the weekend with friends.

Director of hockingstuart South Yarra and coffee enthusiast Mark Konishi loves to rave about his favourite café spots in the area. "I am always impressed by the outstanding cafe culture in South Yarra. It's distinctive, creative and each cafe provides such a unique offering that makes each experience memorable."

Whether you’re interested in selling or just curious about the potential market in South Yarra reach out to one of our agents at hockingstuart.

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