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Small Space Solutions

To make petite spaces work for you, try some of these handy tips.

Minimal Effort

The first step to living successfully in a small space is reducing the amount you put into it in the first place. Be brutal with things you haven’t used in a year and consider donating unwanted clothes and miscellany to your local op shop. Remember, when you drop it all off, make sure you don’t replace your old junk with new junk!

Downsize and Upgrade

If the budget allows, updating and scrapping bulky old items – like that old vacuum you ‘borrowed’ from your parents, or that oversized lounge setting you scored on Gumtree – for newer, slimline versions, which can free up much needed space in a small home.

Hide and Seek

Use every available unseen pocket of space for storage – there are whole square metres to be found under the bed or couch, on top of cupboards and sometimes even flat items will fit behind your TV unit.

Double Duty

Make every piece work hard for its place in your home, like ottomans and coffee tables that open to reveal hidden storage.

Bathroom Break

The Japanese are absolute masters in clever small space living solutions, and this extends even to their lavatories. Australian bathroom stockists now carry toilet systems commonly used in Japan, which come with a small sink built into the cistern. It runs when you hit flush, and the grey water from your clean hands then fills for the next one.