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Seven decades of pool design

Throughout the last century, each decade has boasted its own unique architectural style, from the Victorian era to the Bauhaus trend and on to Postmodernism. And as we lead into summer, swimming pool design has seen a similar evolution.


There are certain pool shapes that we identify with particular decades in our history. Here we dive a little deeper into the connection between pool styles and society throughout the ages…


1950s – The Rectangular Pool (diving board included)

In a time before the internet and mobile phones, society in the 1950s was somewhat less distracted by goings on in cyberspace. Humans led more structured lives – a pattern that was translated into the straight lines and symmetry of design in this period. The pools that dotted backyards across Australia reflected these structured sensibilities, and rectangular basins with a diving board were all the rage.


1960s – The Hot Tub

The swinging 60s took a turn from the straight and narrow 50s – fashions changed, and much more daring styles gracing the sidewalks. As glamourous cocktail parties fast replaced classic community dances, society was reawakened, and a whole new level of socialising came with it. Consequently, hot tubs – bold, fun and energetic – mirrored the lively lives of the 1960s baby-boomers.


1970’s – The Jellybean Pool

Liberation didn’t stop there, with the 1970s embracing freedom like never before. Curvy pools reflected the growing hippie movement, whose flowy, flowery get-ups and no-frills attitude were as quirky as the pools that graced their backyards.


2000s – The Infinity Pool

As we approached the millennium, people thought we’d seen it all. In fact, the only way to keep modern society surprised and impressed was to latch on to that which was deemed sensational and adrenaline-fuelled, pushing the boundaries – or removing them altogether, as with the infinity pool. Mansions and flashy high-rise hotels overlooking the ocean flaunted this daring style, invoking the feeling that you were swimming on the edge of the earth.


2010s – Minimalist lap and spa pools with all the bells and whistles (pictured – Josh & Elyse’s pool on The Block)


With fast and smart technology at our fingertips, pools nowadays enable much more than just a quick dip. Heated seats, personalised water temperatures and state-of-the-art underwater lighting makes these pools as quick and tech-savvy as today’s society.


We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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