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Preparing your home for sale

How to make your home more appealing to buyers.

First impressions count. For most buyers the first impression of your home will be from a photo they see in an ad, whether online or in print. So before the photographer arrives it will pay to ensure your home is looking its best.


Tidy up: ensure gardens are neat and weed-free and lawns are freshly cut. Repaint any fences in need of a spruce-up. Clean the windows and water-blast the exterior walls. Make sure gutters and downspouts are clean and well attached. Little touches like a new doormat and flowers or plants near the entrance also help make a good first impression.


Clean and organise shelves and other storage spaces, including pantries, cupboards and wardrobes. Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans. Repair any plumbing issues, such as dripping taps. Replace broken tiles and worn benchtops. Polish floors and vacuum carpets. Make rooms appear more spacious by de-cluttering: store excess furniture offsite, either with a friend or family member, or at a storage facility. Remember, the cost of minor repairs will usually be recovered by a higher sale price.

Inspection tips

  • Make buyers feel more comfortable by not being present while inspections are in progress.
  • Keep pets outside – and take the dog with you while buyers are inspecting your property.
  • Place new towels in the bathrooms and fresh linen in the bedrooms.
  • Make the house seem lighter by turning on all the lights and opening all the curtains.
  • Set the mood with quiet, peaceful music.
  • Light the fireplace in winter or clean out the ashes if it’s warm.
  • Light scented candles or use room fragrances.
  • Set the dining table as if you are having important guests.

Expert help

Interior designers and home staging firms can add little touches that make a big difference to your home’s appeal. Home staging companies offer services that can be as simple as making the furniture you have work better, to hiring furniture and artwork to create a whole new look.

And don’t forget – your hockingstuart agent can provide excellent advice on how to maximise your home’s appeal. They are a valuable resource, so enlist their help as much as possible.


Advice , Residential