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Organising Your Pantry

Bring a touch of the eclectic or exotic into your home.

The Only Way Is Up
When space is at a premium, stackable tubs are the way to go. You can also purchase adjustable mini shelves from your local homewares store, to provide added height in between built-in ones.

Contain Yourself
You can never have too many plastic containers. Airtight seals for perishable goods like flour or spices will not only extend their shelf life, but deter pests from contaminating your ingredients.

You Name It
It sounds like an obsessive compulsive move, but once you’ve sealed and stowed all your goods, the next necessary step is to label everything. Being able to see what has been stored at a glance will save you unstacking and rebuilding your entire pantry while you’re busy cooking.

Front Of Mind
Design each shelf according to themes for easy access – for instance, all your sauces might live in one corner, and all your canned foods in another. Prioritise the ingredients that might be used most often, and never store anything heavy overhead.

Throw It Out
You’ve seen those trashy reality shows – it doesn’t pay to be a hoarder! Mark out at least two times a year for clearing out even the dingiest corners of your pantry, and try to keep stock of what is on hand so that you don’t double up.