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From their office at 516 Swanston Street, near the intersection of Queensberry Street, long standing hockingstuart Director Scott McElroy leads a team of passionate professionals who provide Carlton property owners with impeccable service in all facets of real estate, from residential sales to project advisory services.

The Carlton team also has in-depth property management expertise, with over 1150 properties currently under their care. Property investors appreciate the team’s hard work, professionalism and commitment to deliver outstanding returns on their investments.

With over 20 years real estate experience in Melbourne’s inner north, Scott has been responsible for many of the area’s most successful new developments while also delivering exceptional results for owners of established homes in Carlton, Carlton North, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, North Melbourne, Princess Hill and Parkville.

hockingstuart Carlton

516 Swanston Street, Carlton
Tel 9942 0083



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Our Team

Scott McElroy

0411 889 972

Jordan Terlizzi

Sales Consultant
0429 006 582

Tom Hirini

Sales Consultant
0481 192 060

Sam Fenna

Sales Consultant
0437 309 715

Will Caldwell

Sales Consultant
0428 114 431

Kim Davey

Partner / Licensed Estate Agent
0418 924 324

Rita Jiang

Property Manager

Suzie Inglis

Leasing Manager / Business Development Manager
0457 484 130

Courtney Walker

Senior Leasing Consultant
0417 444 845

Bree Scott

Assistant Leasing Consultant
0419 555 201

The most trustworthy, hard-working, and professional leasing agents that I've dealt with.


Fantastic agency with friendly and knowledge staff.


hockingstuart Carlton

516 Swanston Street, Carlton
Tel 9942 0083