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Indoor Plants for your Home

Bringing some greenery into your home is the best way to make it feel cosy and fresh. Here are some of our favourite indoor plants for your home:


Also known as the Fruit Salad Plant, this beauty, with its big, lush leaves, certainly makes a statement. Watch out for new leaves, which take a few days to unfurl.

Peace Lily

Constantly forgetting to water your plants? Look no further than the Peace Lily, whose leaves will droop noticeably if thirsty, and will perk back up by the end of the day once it’s had something to drink. It is often sought after for its air purifying abilities – great for stuffy spaces and offices.

Mother in Law’s Tongue

This is one in-law that is a breeze to live with, and requires very little sunlight. Just don’t leave it out on frosty nights as this can create permanent damage to its leaves.

Devil’s Ivy

A hanging basket over flowing with these leafy tendrils seems to be an absolute must for trendy cafés all over Melbourne, and for good reason – they do well indoors. They are known for being able to grow from small cuttings, but do resist the temptation to swipe a piece while your barista’s head is turned!


got a thumb that’s less than green? One of these hardy group of plants might be the best thing for you. From tiny cacti to larger, thorn-less species, which grow to bush-like proportions, there are an abundance of succulents available to suit any taste or space.

Advice , Residential