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Market Wrap: Could a home office space land you the sale this spring?

Whether it’s freelancing full-time or simply working on your side hustle, working from home is popular with Aussies – 3.5 million people regularly work from home, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

While many people in the inner-city work from home for flexibility, the hockingstuart Rosebud and Dromana office also notes an increase of people moving from the city and working remotely so they can enjoy their sea change. With the spring selling season also on the horizon, now’s the time to consider turning that spare room into the ideal home office wherever you’re selling.

Before you begin, there’s some planning to do. First and foremost, your room needs to be suitable. Home offices are most appealing when they’re located in quiet surrounds, the space feels differentiated from the main property for a better work-life balance, and modern internet connections are available. While some rooms only need a fresh lick of paint and the addition of a desk, you may also need to consider styling the property studio facilities or specialised lighting.

So is a home office right for your property? Research the kinds of local businesses working in your area and consider whether they would suit a home office setup. Finally, try working for a day from there yourself and see if it’s a feasible option.

Market Wrap