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hockingstuart teams impress judges in the biggest living and dining rooms in Block history

This week marked the official halfway point on the Block and featured some of the largest rooms ever completed in Block history. In fact, three of the rooms on this week’s reveal were bigger than the entire apartments which featured during Season 1! At the end of Sunday’s reveal, neither of the hockingstuart teams finished on top, however, they pushed their living and dining rooms to the absolute limit with both teams featuring two of the most jaw dropping statement pieces from the entire week.

What were the talking points?
Kerrie and Spence started the living and dining week in dramatic fashion as their Coffered ceiling in apartment 1 initially faced criticism from Foreman Keith. But the couple pushed through these challenges (including a potential walk out) and finished with an incredible ceiling, perfectly balancing the period features of the Gatwick with modern and sleek touches such as their choice of table and chairs. Norm and Jess also weren’t without their own issues in penthouse 4. Firstly, denied a terrace lap pool by their downstairs neighbours, their troubles continued when their suspended teardrop fireplace centrepiece faced compliance issues. When this forced them to shift it’s positioning within the room, the couple were faced with pulling a ‘styling rabbit out of the hat’.

What did the judges think?
Many of the other teams had trouble with their room configurations. as well as consistency in their overall style. However, both Kerri and Spence and Norm and Jess appeared to get this right according to all the judges. Neal fell in love with Norm and Jess’ space, and while Shaynna Blaze loved their choice of fossilised coffee table it was the fireplace which captivated Darren Palmer. Neal was also blown away by the detail in Kerrie and Spence’s Coffered ceiling, while Darren believed the room featured the luxury details that buyers in this market were expecting.

What’s next for our teams?
The ingredients of an explosive Kitchen Week are all coming together. Time pressure from approaching buyers advocates, tight budgets and mistakes by all couples will make for an exciting week ahead. Best of luck to Kerrie and Spence and Norm and Jess! We’re committed to achieving the best results for both teams come auction day #bestofbothworlds.