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Market Wrap

Great outdoors top of the list in Victorian housing market

The Victorian housing market has shown that house hunters are seeking scenic sanctuaries and architectural delights when it comes to buying their next home, new data shows. has revealed its top 20 search terms, reinforcing Victoria’s love for the great outdoors, with ‘pools’ ‘views’, ‘beaches’ and ‘balconies’ topping the wish lists of house hunters.

Pools come as no great surprise – Australia’s warmer climate makes a pool an attractive prospect as temperatures soar in some parts of the country, while locations offering views and beaches are perfect for those seeking an impressive outlook.

‘Balcony’ and ‘courtyard’, which also made the top 20, are a great alternative for those looking for an outdoor area without going over the budget for a home with a garden.

‘Art Deco’, ‘warehouse’ and ‘church’ also featured on the list, a reflection of Melbournians seeking homes with unique architecture or quirks

If you’re selling your home with any of these features, the good news is that your home will likely have buyers knocking at your door! But on the flip side, if you’re looking to buy warehouse apartment, or a property with a seaside view, remember you might need to pay a premium, as competition is high. 

Market Wrap