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Fun with furnishing: Tips for decorating small spaces

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or are looking to downsize after the kids have flown the coop, there are many advantages to living in a small home. But if you’re accustomed to excess space, making the move to a small home or apartment can be a big adjustment. Embrace the change with these furnishing tips that will keep your home feeling spacious and stylish.

  1. Keep it light
    If you want to give small rooms a sense of space, then it is best to keep everything light. Matching whites or neutral shades on the walls will help make small spaces appear larger and more open. Similarly, when looking for furniture your smaller rooms will be best served with lighter coloured pieces.
  2. Declutter from top to bottom
    Too many items in a small room can look busy and untidy, rather than filling a room with lots of small furniture items, look for bigger pieces that will fill the space without making it appear cluttered. Instead of a love seat and two armchairs, look for a couch that can seat four or more people, or get a wardrobe instead of multiple dressers.
  3. Find double duty wonders
    When space is limited it is essential to find clever storage solutions and furniture with multiple functions for your home. This can include a dining table that can be extended to allow for additional guests or couches and beds with built-in storage. A television stand with cupboards is a great place to store your excess electrical cables and a coffee table with drawers will keep your living room clutter-free.
  4. Embrace optical illusions
    When furnishing your apartment or small home you can use visual trickery to your advantage to make a space feel bigger. This can include hanging curtains from the ceiling to the floor to make windows appear larger or hanging mirrors to help open up a room. Glass-topped tables can also help a room to feel more spacious as they don’t restrict your view.

If you’re about to move into a smaller home, following these tips will ensure you never feel like you’re at a loss for space.