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Determine the Value of Your Home

DEVELOPING THE NECESSARY UNDERSTANDING OF THE PROPERTY MARKET TAKES TIME. Start by researching sales results, especially for properties similar in size and floorplan to yours. You can find these on real estate websites such as  While sales results are a handy guide, to really understand why a property is worth a certain price you need to inspect and understand the property itself. That’s why it’s a good idea to attend as many property inspections as possible, particularly for properties like yours and in your location.

At hockingstuart, we use our experience when studying sales results to find properties that are directly comparable. By drawing comparisons between these properties and your property we start to understand your property’s likely selling price. We then gauge current market demand based on the style of the property, its condition, features, floorplan and size, land size and broader influencing factors such as economic and market conditions. The location is vitally important too; proximity to shops, schools, transport and infrastructure, community services and amenities, all affect your property’s appeal and therefore its value.

This process provides a price range, from which we will pick the figure that is both realistic and achievable. From that moment on, our every action is focused on exceeding your expectations. Even if you believe you have a realistic price in mind, it’s a good idea to seek the advice of your local agent. Selling properties on a daily basis provides agents with background knowledge that is hard to beat.

hockingstuart is well versed with current market conditions and we can provide you with accurate marketplace reports to help you understand where your property is placed. Click below to view our bayside suburb profile reports.

Brighton East Suburb Profile

Brighton Suburb Profile

RESEARCH AND APPOINT AN AGENT. Talk to a few local agents who know your area well; ask questions; make sure you’re comfortable with your final choice. Ensure that whoever you choose is capable of meeting or exceeding your expectations.

Be satisfied that they are able to achieve the results they promise. Then ask questions. Ask about their general real estate experience, how long they’ve been selling properties in your area, how well they know your local property market, how many properties they’ve sold recently, their reputation and how that might benefit the sale of your property, and any qualifications to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in real estate.

Ask how the agent will advertise and market your property, what they’ll charge in fees and the value they will deliver to offset those costs. Make a shortlist of agents and then invite them back for a second – or perhaps even third interview. Timing: Set aside two to three weeks for this part of the process. Set a price for your property. Your agent will help manage your expectations in this area and determine a price based on demand and knowledge. Timing: You should expect to receive an estimate of what your property is worth usually within 24 hours.

hockingstuart are always finding ways of staying abreast of the market regarding tools to promote your property. The ever advancing digital space has meant we have had to find ways to enable you as our client to feature your property on more platforms. With the use of social media campaigns which allow your property to reach more buyers and the use of digital web books, hockingstuart has the means to promote your residential or investment property to a greater reach. This combined with our early-alert database of approximately 

View the digital version of our Residential Sales marketing brochure Hockingstuart Brighton Residential Sales Introduction

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Advice , Residential