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Create a Balcony Garden Retreat

Being small on space is no reason to think you can’t have a lush garden. With these balcony gardening tips you can create a windowsill oasis.

Create a little oasis when you look out of your window with some of these balcony gardening tips and tricks.

Keep Training

Creepers and vine-type plants are a great green wall solution for tight balconies, as well as any that can be espaliered, or trained to grow along a trellis. 

A Place of Your Own 

Even if a whole outdoor setting is out of the question, it is worth finding space for a little bench or table from which to enjoy your new pocket garden oasis.

Mini Me

Look into dwarf varieties of your favourite plants in case a space-saving version is available – it may be possible to have fruit trees in your home, even in limited outdoor areas. 

Step Up

No room for all your plants? Stack them! There are a plethora of affordable tiered stands and plant shelves to choose from at your local hardware store (or Ikea), to help you make the most of your greenery.

Location, Location, Location

Above all, ensure that your balcony garden is arranged not just for looks, but also for the optimum health of your plants. Avoid disappointment by researching which ones will do well in the shade or sun, and mark a watering schedule in your calendar if necessary.