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Choosing Art for your Home

A choice piece of art can help enliven your home but the selection process can sometimes be overwhelming.

Colour Pops

Art is a great way to inject some colour into your home. More often than not larger furniture pieces like sofas are in neutral colour palettes, so your new artwork can be an easy way to bring some fun into your home.

Scale it Up

Scale is a key consideration for your new project. What is the size of the space with which you’re working? A long hallway or a large double height stairwell can handle a larger piece to make a big statement.

Hang it Just Right

When hanging art above a sofa or a bed, you want to position the art halfway between the ceiling and top of the furniture – this helps to make just the right balance.

Matchy Matchy

One way to create a clean and consistent look is to match different artworks together with the same coloured frames. This adds a thoughtful and polished look, even if the art itself varies.

Unexpected Delight

Consider smaller spots to hang your art for unexpected delight. In the bathroom, on narrow walls, stair landings – these spots are begging to be brightened up.