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How to Brighten a Dark Room

Brought plants and greenery indoors then realised that your house doesn’t actually get that much light? Fret not, and follow our handy hints for how to brighten a dark room to help get you and your leafy friends thriving.

Paint it white

As part of the renaissance of minimalism, white is enjoying a major comeback. White reflects light like no other colour, and helps maximise whatever light source(s) you’ve got. Plus, white surfaces, furniture, and fittings give the look and feel of more space – bonus!

If stark white isn’t your thing, choose an off – white neutral: think light grey, light tan, cream, or ecru. But avoid anything with yellow undertones, as these can look sallow – and, frankly, sad – in an already dimly lit room.

Keep it clear

Make sure that nothing – inside or out – is blocking your windows. That tree you’ve been meaning to trim back but never got around to? It’s time to take care of that. Ditto that pile of books sitting on your windowsill.

When it comes to window coverings, ditch the dark drapes and choose something light and gauzy to let maximum sunlight and air into the room. Separate, opaque under layers are a good idea to control light at times when you don’t want it.

Make a habit of opening the window coverings as widely as possible and keep your windows clean – you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Add soft lighting

For light and atmosphere, you can’t go past soft, artificial lighting. Pendant lights, floor lamps, and desk lamps are great for giving you control over not just how much, but also what kind of light you can introduce to your room.

Simply choosing a tinted bulb can radically alter the character and feel of a room: cooler, blue-tinged bulbs are soothing and calming, while yellow-hued ones are softer and cosier. Lower wattages and dimmer switches are also helpful for mood lighting.

Advice , Residential