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All White Interior Looks

There’s a reason white is a mainstay in many homes.

Feels Right

When sticking to a single colour palette, experiment with textural soft furnishings to help achieve a look with inviting depth.

Find the Right White

Despite appearances, white, like any other hue, comes in many nuanced shades. Ensure your paint colour is suited to its specific interior, based on the quality of lighting in the room.

It’s all in Black and White

If all-white everything sounds a little too stark, create a similarly polished, minimal look with a white base and monochrome accents.

Embrace Your Floors

When painted white, timber floorboards can bring bright new appeal to the whole room.

Refrain from Stains

With pale furnishings in your interior, be sure to keep things fresh by using fabric protectors and throw rugs. Scotchguard is your new best friend.