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Pools top list of Australia’s property preferences

New data from has revealed pools are top of the list for buyers when it comes to searching for a property.

The site released their top five search terms for 2017, which apart from pools, included features on the list such as ‘granny flat’, ‘waterfront’, ‘views’ and ‘beach’.

When it comes to pools, it’s not only R&R they offer – given their demand, some agents believe the heightened level of inquiry for homes with a pool can push the value up, providing a greater return on investment.

Similarly, a ‘granny flat’ is high on the list because its versatility. Not just restricted to those with grandmas, it’s the ultimate option for parents with older children still at home and you can rent it out if you’d like to boost your monthly income.

Additionally, it’s no wonder why waterfront access, views and nearby beaches also made an appearance on the list – who wouldn’t love to wake up to the sound of the ocean, or sip a coffee overlooking the harbour each morning?

With these five assets adding value emotionally and financially to your home, keep your eyes peeled for one of these winning features if you’re house hunting. Not only will it improve your lifestyle in the short term, but when it comes time to sell down the track, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have people knocking on your door to buy.

Market Wrap