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hockingstuart Doncaster provides a full range of real estate services, including residential sales and Property Management. We pride ourselves on customer service and the results show, with a higher NPS score for customer service than Apple.

The hockingstuart network helps deliver more buyers to the Doncaster office, and the increased competition leads to better results. 53% of our buyers come from outside the area, delivered by our extensive network reach. Many come from our buyer database, which contains 73,000 registered house hunters who are actively seeking property.

Innovative marketing tools complement hockingstuart Doncaster’s ethos of professionalism and hard work, and help deliver buyers and tenants to home owners in Doncaster, Doncaster East, Donvale, Bulleen, Templestowe and Templestowe Lower.

hockingstuart Doncaster

Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
Tel 03 9842 1188
Fax 03 9842 1799



of our buyers are not locals, brought in on the back of our network's reach


is our Vendor customer service score (NPS). Just to compare, Apple has a rating of 72


buyers signed up to our network's exclusive database to see properties we list

Our Team

Lee Salce

Director / Auctioneer
0400 770 099

Ken Chappell

Director / Auctioneer
0412 295 316

Stasi Adgemis

Director / Auctioneer
0401 640 853

Trent Sinni

Sales Consultant
0401 574 882

Nikki Weng

Sales Consultant
0423 242 216

George Bournou

Senior Sales Consultant
0452 621 119

Susie Mihin

Senior Sales Consultant
0452 514 419

Alec Stefanoski

Sales Consultant
0426 176 236

Bill Thompson

Senior Sales Consultant
0412 160 847

Sienna Cunico

Sales Consultant
0434 045 074

Leah D’Altera

Senior Property Manager
0411 580 878

I would highly recommend hockingstuart Doncaster to anyone wanting a professional, friendly team who goes the extra mile.


With a professional, and fresh outlook, they are the best in Manningham.


Everyone we met at hockingstuart Doncaster were extremely professional, respectful and courteous.



Suite 2, 1010 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
Tel 03 9842 1188 Fax 03 9842 1799