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Advice, Residential

How to make your balcony into more than just a place to hang your washing

You can make even the smallest balcony comfortable and stylish.

For many of us, the balcony in our apartment is just the place where we store our bike or hang up our washing. But with a little imaginations and elbow grease, you can transform it into a usable space and maybe even your favourite room in the apartment.

  1. Start with a good clean.
    Remove everything so you have a clean slate to work with. A pressure hose can make light work of this if you have access to one and can get it going on your balcony.
  2. Walls and railing
    If you’re allowed, consider the walls railings and how you can theme them to match your look for example a coat of paint, some semi-permanent screening or even a mirror or some outdoor artwork
  3. Worship the ground you walk on
    Don’t forget the floors. Try to theme this to your look also. A new lick of concrete paint can re-invigorate the space or these days you can pick up some decking tiles that lock together or perhaps an outdoor rug to inject some colour into the space.
  4. Storage
    Storage is uber important in any apartment, so if you’re short on space, think about some built in shelves against one wall or a bench seat with built in storage to help you along.
  5. Hospitality
    Find a way to bring a compact eating solution to the area. For example, attach a bench to the length of the railing with a lip on the outer edge to prevent any mishaps, or a fold down table. Add some comfy bar stools and you’ve got a bar with a great outlook.
  6. Relax
    Perhaps you prefer the space to be an extension of your lounge. A great outdoor arm chair or park bench might be more your speed
  7. Decorate
    dress the space to suit your theme with comfy cushions, a throw blanket for chilly nights, candle holders for ambience and don’t forget some potted plants. Succulents make great low maintenance all year round greenery but herbs both look good and save you some dollars at the supermarket with your cooking.
  8. Enjoy
    Take your breakfast outside to enjoy a great start to the day, a book and a cup of tea for an afternoon read or invite some friends over for a drink and some people watching.

Voila! Your balcony has a new lease on life.

Keep in mind that some Owner’s Corporations have specific rules about the use of your balcony so consult with them before you change the appearance or make any permanent changes to the space. Of course if you’re renting, please consult with your landlord too

Advice, Residential