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How to keep your cool without using more energy

With the hotter months encroaching, our addiction to urban air conditioning understandably increases. In fact, 40 per cent of household energy goes towards heating and cooling the home, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your house cool this Summer if you want it cool straight away:

  • Keep curtains, blinds and windows closed during the day to block out the sun.
  • Once the temperature inside is the same as outside (in the late afternoon), make sure you air your house by opening windows and doors.
  • Keep your lights off when you aren’t using them. If you have incandescent light bulbs, consider swapping them for LEDs, which don’t emit as much heat.
  • Heat rises, so if you have a multiple-storey home, stay downstairs.
  • Avoid using the iron, stove, oven and clothes dryer.

Planning ahead

  • Shade your north and west facing windows (all day sun and afternoon sun respectively) with awnings or trees. Deciduous trees are a good option as they offer shade in summer but sun in winter.
  • Invest in wall and roof insulation. It will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Paint your house a light colour. It will keep your house cooler by reflecting the heat from the sun.
  • Pavement around the house stores heat, so think about replacing it with drought-tolerant plants or lawn instead.