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House hunting made easier with Virtual Reality

Ever spent a hurried Saturday morning rushing across the city to an open inspection? Imagine if you could view and experience a prospective property without having to leave the comfort of your existing one? Thanks to the rollout of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets across our network, exploring your next property just got a whole lot easier.

The last decade has seen technological advances reshape industries in various ways across the globe. Retailers are using Artificial Intelligence to interact with customers and automobiles are going driverless. But now, home buyers are getting their slice of the technology pie too, with an entirely new way of viewing listings.

Case in point: hockingstuart is now providing home buyers with take-home VR headsets to simplify the sales process. Using the panorama function on the hockingstuart website, you can now view your next home anywhere at any time – all you need is a headset and a smartphone.

What’s all the fuss about?

The VR headsets will streamline and improve the house hunting journey by making the viewing process accessible with the click of a button.

“The amount of time that goes into researching, and then attending an open for inspection can be quite substantial. We live in a busy world, so we’re conscious that those with busy schedules can find it hard to juggle house hunting with other commitments,” says hockingstuart CEO Simon Jovanovic.

He added: “Having the option to view a potential home at any time with VR headsets will help to streamline the decision process. For example, if you missed a small detail at the open for inspection, the headsets will allow you to immediately check back at any time. Friends and family can also experience the home and provide you with a second opinion without having to go to the property.”

VR provides immense benefit to vendors too: potential buyers can engage with the property on an entirely different level, and extend beyond the face-to-face open for inspection – particularly useful when consumers are time-limited.

How do I get started?

Your local hockingstuart agent can provide you with a take-home VR headset either by visiting the office, or by attending an open for inspection. Once you’ve got your set, visit the hockingstuart website on your smartphone and open the property listing you’d like to view. Underneath the gallery you’ll find a tool bar with a tab labeled ‘Panorama / Video’. If the property has the Panorama feature, you can click the link, strap your phone into the headset and experience your next property on a whole new level!


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